The company’s office manager, James Pettit, wanted to find a digital solution to help improve process management for his team of 50 field sales reps. The field reps relied on a manual process of handwriting their work tickets, which was cumbersome and time consuming. The reps often traveled and would end up holding their paper tickets for weeks at a time, turning in a handful of tickets at once, which slowed down the whole system. Pettit sought a solution that could update this manual ticket process—as well as field mapping—with a more seamless digital system. He wanted his team’s workflow to be handled more efficiently and consistently, with the ability for the field reps to submit the information on a daily basis even while traveling, rather than needing to wait until they were back in the office. In reviewing potential solutions, Pettit also kept costs in mind. He considered MS Excel as an option but found it too pricey at $130-140 per user

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